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A little bit event obsessed....

With extensive experience in both Australia and New Zealand, Functionality Events aims to create events that work. Operating since 2010, we have worked with events of all shapes and sizes and in all capacities. Whether you need someone hands-on or whether you want someone to assist with strategic planning and growth to take your event to the next level – we can help.

Head event geek is Lisa Hoskin who has been around the tourism, hospitality and event industries for a while so knows some tricks, can talk to the right people and can hold an extraordinary amount of information in her head at one time. Events are all she has ever wanted to do, and she’s definitely found the right industry.

Lisa brings in a hand picked team each event to make sure you’ve got the perfect fit for your event.

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PO Box 150, Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand

Image credits to CinefestOZ via Tim Swallow | Courtney McCalister | Sarah Storm; Sami Noakes; Lisa Hoskin